Jakarta (Jan. 4, 2017) – Internet Retailing Expo is the platform for marketplaces, multi-channel retailers and online retailers to meet their key suppliers and learn through knowledge sharing and best practice implementation. ICUBE as one of the major e-commerce companies in Indonesia will certainly not miss the opportunity to share experiences while learning to grow from professional experts in this field.

Under the themes of connected store of the future, payments & Security, Digital Sales & Marketing and many more, there will be more than 80 multichannel and ecommerce retailers who will be sharing their expertise and experience during this exhibition.

Come and Join ICUBE as we attend Internet Retailing Expo Indonesia 2017 on January 18-19 at Pullman Hotel, Central Park Jakarta, at Magento’s booth.

About I.Cube
Since 2010, ICUBE has designed, built and implemented highly customized ecommerce solutions for clients. 
We started in 2003 by running our own e-commerce site and then we extended our expertise, experiences and technology to help other retailers. Our team are comprised of the technologists, designers, technical project managers and business strategists. Technology is in our DNA which means we will make sure we choose the right technology for you depending on your need rather than spoon-feed you with our proprietary solution.  
Brands such as The Body Shop, Gramedia, Sophie Paris, Electronic Solution, Krisbow, Sportdeca, Hourglass Angel and others, have engaged I.Cube to build a world-class, multi-channel websites that capture their brand and construct trust.   
Learn more at http://www.icubeonline.com/