"What should I do, now that my website is alive (and getting sales)?"

Perhaps that's one of the most commonly asked question from Ecommerce Retailers to ICUBE after the website is alive. While we have data, experiences and tips and tricks to share, we found a an article in which you can start thinking on what to invest in technology to grow your sales in the website.

While the data is widely based on the usage in the States (and we all know Indonesia is behind by 5 to 10 years), this might be a glimpse on what you need to do to grow your business to the next level (improve conversion, increase productivity in your operation, make more profit *wink, add benefit to customers, knowing and learning about your customer)


Read and let me know your thoughts, what have your company do last year, what do you plan to have next year. Does that Virtual-Reality-that-cost-millions-of-dollars-to-the-company pay off after implementing? Sharing is caring!