Ehobby in M2

eHobby Asia, a Hong Kong-based distributor of MilSim Airsoft, Skirmish Airsoft, Wargame Airsoft products as well as Gear Combat, today announced its new responsive website in collaboration with ICUBE. As a reliable and trusted e-commerce partner, ICUBE replatform the website using Magento 2.1.7 which is an upgrade from Magento v1.9 previously used by Ehobby Asia.

Not only the replatform, the project of Ehobby includes a complex data migration and full redesigned by ICUBE’s professional design team to maximize UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) to create a mobile friendly site that enhances the customer’s experience in shopping. The objective of this complete redesign is to ensure the new site will be easy to use and not confusing to customers, which would increase average basket value. In addition to that, Magento 2.1 will enhance website performance in terms of loading time, a more thorough searching capabilities with layered navigation, easy checkout process, the ability to hold more catalogs, and the convenience for site admin in managing website views.

Besides changing the systems and design into a more attractive and modern iste, the responsive mobile site will provide its customer when shopping through their gadgets or mobile phones, a significant increase in the current market. The new site will give variety ways to shop which includes sorting through brands, categories, best sellers, new arrival, featured brands, and sale products. This website is also integrated with corporate social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and Google Plus to improve company profile.


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